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Curiosity, Have Some

Websites for Practice

Raz Kids

Raz Kids is a reading comprehension website that is accessible by all K-3rd grade students.  Students work on reading passages at their own reading level.  Visit to work on this at home.

Moby Max

All K-5 students are enrolled in Moby Max.  This website has practice activities for all subject areas, and has adaptive modules in Math and Language to allow students to target their own areas of need.  Students use their lunch number for both username and password.

Typing Preparation Web Sites for Common Core

Especially for Kinders

The Khan Academy

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Keyboarding Practice

Try these practice keyboarding sites to help students increase skill and speed on a keyboard.  The first game Dance Mat Typing comes recommended by parents.  Click here to access.

Language Arts at Ivey

This is a link to the publisher of our Language Arts adoption: Houghton-Mifflin . Practice the spelling and vocabulary activities.

STMath (Jiji)


Click this link to ST Math (Jiji). Oprimá aquí para STMath.

The activation code to use the first time you login at home is (El codigo para activación por la primera vez que se use en casa es:): IVE73P-LRZ-E9-3W2

Parents can find more information in this pdf letter (Padres pueden encontrar mas información en esta carta - oprimá aquí y busca abajo).


All Subject Areas

Vocabulary and Spelling Links

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Math Playground