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After School

BASE Program

This fee-based before and after school program is available to all Ivey Ranch families.  The program is focused on the whole child through academic support and supplement, enrichment built on a philosophy of creativity, expanding opportunities, discovering new talents, and building self confidence, and athletics.

To obtain more information about the BASE program at Ivey Ranch go to the BASE Program webpage.


Kid's College

Kid’s College is a not-for-profit 501 (c)3 corporation founded to provide quality before and after school educational enrichment programs for elementary and middle school students focusing on:

  • Visual and Performing Arts, Languages, Science and Technology, and Sports
  • Classes that build artistic and academic skills, enhance self esteem and confidence, promote self discipline and build literacy

Kid’s College provides students quality, interesting, and creative programs taught by professional instructors that both stimulate and teach. The classes are conducted at the students’ own school and are geared to the interests of the parents and student population. If you would like to sign up for classes stop by the office for a flier or check out the Kid's College website for more information.

Fit Kids America

Fit Kids America is offering after school classes for a fee.The cost is $69.00 for the 8 week course. For more information or to register on line go to the Fit Kids America website.