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Ivey Ranch Elementary

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    Drop Off / Pick Up / Parking

    At Ivey Ranch, we work hard to ensure the safety and security of our campus and our students, families, and staff. In order to maintain safety during our arrival and dismissal, please note the following procedures:

    *When turning left into the front parking lot on Via Rancho Road from the center lane (blue), you must wait until you are the first car in line before turning into the parking lot.  Cars MAY NOT go around the line and enter the school from the right lane or enter the oncoming traffic lane to go around cars that are waiting to turn left.  The Oceanside Police Department has asked us for your partnership in following this safety rule.

    *There are two lanes that exist once cars enter our front parking lot.  

    • The right lane (green) is a drop-off/pick-up lane ONLY, and there is absolutely no parking. If you enter this lane, plan to move forward with traffic, and allow your child to enter/exit your vehicle without the driver getting out. The adults in the front of the school will be happy to help with guiding your child to the car, helping with their backpacks, and opening/closing car doors if needed.

    • The left lane (orange) is for entry to the parking lot ONLY, and cars may not use this lane to go around other cars into the drop-off/pick-up lane. In addition, students will not be allowed to enter or exit vehicles from this lane as it is not safe for them to go in between cars during this busy time. Please park only in the visitor spaces that face the school.

    • The area in front of the kindergarten building (red) is for bus loading ONLY, and cars may not park or pick-up/drop-off in this area.

    *For afternoon dismissal, kindergarten students and their siblings should be the only students picked up by car in the front of the school.  1st - 5th grade students getting picked up by car should be met at the back gate, with students getting into cars along Mesa Drive, or with parents parking at MLK Park.  

    * When arriving for pick up at the back gate, parents must be parked legally (not double-parked or in the red fire lane) in order for teachers to dismiss them to your car. We recommend parking at MLK Park and walking up to the back gate.

    As always, we appreciate your partnership in making our school a safe place for students, staff, and families.  Please take a few extra minutes, slow down, and be considerate of others as you come to campus, and our arrival and dismissal from school can be a pleasant and safe experience for everyone.  Thank you.

    front parking lot of Ivey Ranch
    Back gate at Ivey Ranch

    Allergies & Celebrations

    Nut allergies, especially peanut allergies, are very common. Students with these allergies cannot ingest or touch nuts. This includes peanut by-products like peanut oil. When these students ingest or come into contact with these products, they can experience minor rashes, severe breathing problems that resemble asthma attacks, or anaphylactic shock which requires immediate medication administered through an EPI Pen and a call to 911. In an effort to keep all of our students safe, we have the following procedures and reminders:

    • Students should pay attention to Nut Free tables and not eat at these tables if their snack contains nuts. If a child is unsure about their lunch or snack, teachers and staff will be available to help them.
    • Children will be asked to wash their hands when returning to class.
    • Children should not eat snacks with peanuts or other nuts in classrooms. Teachers and staff will be available to help.
    • Because of allergy concerns and to comply with federal regulations, any classroom celebration that includes food must meet the district guidelines regarding healthy snacks. This information can be found on the district website under Nutrition Services or by clicking here. All celebrations must be planned in advance with your child’s teacher.
    • Remember, sometimes the best gift you can give to a classroom is school supplies, stickers, a hands-on activity (craft, project, art, or a game) or a book for our library.

    If you have any questions regarding procedures or snacks, please feel free to speak with your child’s teacher, the Health Office, or Mr. Swank.

    Thank you for your help in keeping all of our students safe and healthy!

    Welcome to Ivey Ranch Elementary School

    School Information

    Office Hours: 7:50am-3:20pm

    Mr. Dieter Swank, Principal

    Mrs. Lorrah Hogue, Asst. Principal

    Mrs. Linda Jones, Administrative Secretary

    Health Office: (760) 966-4821

    Attendance Reporting:
    Call the office number and press “1” to report an absence, or use the link

    Para preguntas o mayor informacion en espanol contacte a Sra. Carolina Velasquez email

    Our Vision

    We believe our school is a community of students, staff, and families working together to ensure ALL students reach their full potential.  We expect our students to question, communicate, creatively solve problems, think critically, and work collaboratively with others.  Students are guided to be responsible people of character who strive to make the world a better place.

    Uniforms at Ivey Ranch

    Ivey Ranch is a uniform school, meaning all children are expected to be in uniform consisting of navy blue or white shirt, and khaki/tan or navy blue bottoms.  Friday, classroom Spirit wear competitions allows for spirit shirts with jeans. 

    Please call the office at 760-966-4800 if you are have any questions regarding our uniform policy.

    The Assistance League North Coast can assist in providing uniforms to those who cannot afford them.  Click the links to print an application in English or in Spanish.

    We also have a Uniform Exchange!  Donate your gently used uniforms in the box inside our school's office.  If you need uniforms for this year, give our office a call at 760-966-4800.

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